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Commercial Area

Remington Taliaferro

Graduated in International Relations with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, he specializes in administration, finance, sales and consulting. Industrial sector administrator and commercial advisor with 11 years of experience in real estate.

“I guide my clients in establishing their companies in Panama, in a comprehensive, efficient and effective way. I stay at the forefront with knowledge about businesses in sectors such as logistics, distribution, multinational company headquarters, manufacturing, maritime and aviation sectors, among others with great impact on the global market”.

Jaime Brid

  • Professional with studies in Business Administration, specializing in property sales and management, certified Real Estate agent
  • Real estate agent with experience of more than 14 years in the sector with a long history of successful sales, even in unfavorable market circumstances.
  • Vast knowledge and experience with the real estate sector throughout the region. He specializes in corporate services and the logistics/industrial market.
  • Possesses a great vocation for customer service and teamwork, is results-oriented, responsible and disciplined as a professional.

Nelson Barragán

Systems Engineer. Since 2009 he has been working in the real estate sector, with in-depth knowledge of the Panamanian market.

He has extensive experience in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and a focus on customer service quality and offering comprehensive solutions according to your needs.

“I always seek to establish lasting relationships with my clients based on the trust generated by a job well done with commitment and professionalism”.

Residential Area

Tomás Rivas

With the voice of an announcer and great charisma, Tomás will provide you with 5-star customer service.

Jheny Barranco

If you enjoy life and your friends, Jhenny is the ideal advisor for you!

Anarella Miró

You knew that Anarella enjoys life at sea, a good cappuccino and fan of rottweilers

Jonathan Valverde

You knew that aside from helping you find your ideal place, Jonathan can share ideas of his love of remodeling and interior design?

Próspero Lasso

Sports lover and a cobbled gamer you can have the best negotiations next to him

Carlota Rifel

You knew that charlotte apart from having magic in front of the cameras is petfriendly animal lover?

Alejandro Maurel

Fishing fan and technological advances Alejandro will do his best to meet all your needs

Betzaida Herrera

Did you know that Betzaida is a lover of travel, history and has a lot of knowledge of blueprints and footage?

Ralph Evans

He’s a sales expert, but he can leave you open-mouthed at his talent with BBQ

Ana Maria Miranda

Lover of spirituality and positive vibes with Annie you can have that other perspective of life when it comes to advising you

Ana Melissa Tablate

Spontaneous and charismatic with Ana Melissa you can chat for hours and above all connect to find just what you need!

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Residential area
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Commercial area
Panamá Pacifico | Commercial area schedule

Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.


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