Key advantages
Attractive fiscal incentives that include the exoneration from direct and indirect taxes
Nine telecommunications providers located in Panama Pacifico and connected to eight high velocity submarine cables that cross Panama
Panama Pacifico’s location provides access to the most populated areas in Panama, which facilitates employee recruitment and retention.

Service the globe from one single place

Take advantage of Panama’s convenient time zone, located in the Central Time Zone of the United States, making it the perfect hub from which to service the Americas. Connect with the world through Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, which offers the largest number of international flights in Latin America.

Find the talent you need to succeed

More than 40,000 professionals are part of this sector, with over 5,000 students studying business and administration degrees annually. Additionally, companies can take advantage of Panama’s bilingual population, where over 15% of its inhabitants speak both English and Spanish.

Reduce your administrative costs

Take advantage of the attractive incentives available in Panama Pacifico, such as direct and indirect tax exemptions for offshore services, back office, and shared services operations. Minimize bureaucracy required to establish operations through a one-stop-shop which consolidates Panama’s main governmental agencies in one single building, exclusively dedicated to assist companies registered in Panama Pacifico.

Minimize risk in a stable environment

Be a part of one of the most dynamic and competitive companies in Latin America. Minimize risks to your company by establishing yourself in one of the safest and politically stable countries in the region and one of the few outside the United States whose currency is the US Dollar.

Communicate globally

Take advantage of high-speed bandwidth to Latin America and the United States through eight submarine fiber optic cables that connect through Panama Pacifico. Reduce time and costs associated to connectivity, choosing among the nine telecommunication providers on site, whose nodes established in Panama Pacifico connect each building to the intercontinental fiber optic network.

Datos Interesantes
“Eleven years ago, Dell was one of the pioneers in the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area, becoming a regional geographic hub for Dell in Latin America. Panama Pacifico offers an incomparable location, infrastructure and legal benefits that help us provide the best service to our customers.”
Gustavo Ripoll,
Executive Director, North of Latin America General Manager, Dell Panama
- Dell first established a presence in Panama Pacifico in 2003.
- Currently employs over 2.300 people at its center
- Evolved from call-center activities to a sophisticated shared services operation.
- Provides a range of technical support to Dell's customers in the Americas and internal shared services support to Dell business units around the world
Lacoste is a French luxury clothing brand with global presence founded in 1933From Panama Pacifico, Lacoste coordinates the development and production of its products as well as distribution for Latin America and the Caribbean

Lacoste ha estado considerando ampliar sus fuentes de suministro y servicios de adquisición compartida a un centro de logística y plataforma de distribución para dar servicio a la región. Lacoste dentro de su sede actual cuenta con un equipo de servicios multicultural para asistir a los distintos mercados de la región.
Lacoste en una compañía de ropa francesa de alta calidad fundada en 1933 con presencia mundial.