PanAmerica Corporate Center
Key advantages
The PanAmerica Corporate Center (PCC) seeks to integrate different value-added logistics activities to attract interested local and regional distribution centers to optimize their operations. This, added to the incentives of belonging to a special economic area as well as the multimodal logistics advantages of Panama, make the PanAmerica Corporate Center (PCC) the ideal location for logistics operations and high value manufacturing.
The PanAmerica Corporate Center is an 88-hectare project with 370,000m2 of rental space built to the highest standards.
Flexibilidad para el desarrollo
Flexibility to develop Built-to-Suit (BTS) logistics and high value manufacturing projects.
Infrastructure for logistics, assembly, distribution, movement of cargo, warehousing and high value manufacturing.
Storage Facilities
Close to the western perimeter of the Panama Pacifico airport and surrounded by forest, the PanAmerica Corporate Center (PCC) offers companies new infrastructure for logistics, assembly, distribution, movement of cargo, storage and high-value manufacturing.
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