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General Services

Experience the comfort of being part of a community where prestigious schools, shops and a complete security system that are key in our daily basis lifestyle.

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Schools, Colleges and Training Centers

Panama Pacifico’s community is shaped under the educational philosophy of 21st century schools. We currently have four highly competitive private schools with local and international programs ranging from preschool to 12th grade. In addition, Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá offers undergraduate programs focused on technology and practical training. The National Institute for Professional training and Human Development (INADEH) is also located onsite, specializing in vocational and job training for employees residing in Panama Pacifico.

Retail and Consumer Services
Residents, workers, suppliers, and visitors enjoy the variety of services offered by shops, banks and restaurants in our Town Center on a daily basis, as well as leading supermarket and hardware stores. The development of the Town Center will continue expand to include a central plaza, which will be an ideal meeting point, perfect for shopping and strolling, eating and spending leisure time enjoying art, music, and more as part of its special events program.
From new ventures to Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 2000, close to 300 companies such as 3M, Caterpillar, Fedex, Dell and Pepsico have established regional operations in Panama Pacifico to take advantage of the variety of incentives offered.
Parks, paths and recreational spaces
Enjoying life outdoors in a tropical environment is a convenience when living in Panama Pacifico. We believe in the positive impact of reconnecting with nature and the holistic well-being of every resident. Connected paths and greenways bring our community together, with the Grand Park as the heart of it all. You will have the opportunity to appreciate beautiful and varied landscapes that reflect our flora and fauna, as well as enjoy parks and green areas where you can run, play, bike and walk, creating the perfect scenario for relaxation and inspiration.
Integral Security Center
Panama Pacifico’s Integrated Security Center (CSI) is one of the most advanced security centers in Panama, offering tenants in Panama Pacifico: 24/7 monitoring with high-tech thermal imaging cameras, whose video analytics can be programmed to trigger alarms in threatening scenarios; alert buttons throughout Panama Pacifico for immediate emergency response; help points and access control systems which work in tandem and are connected via a network of fiber optics. The CSI maintains strategic alliances with the National Police, the Fire Department, ambulances, Sinaproc (National Rescue and emergency Service), among other entities and works in collaboration with the area's private security network and competent authorities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Park Ranger
Rich in biodiversity with more than 350 animal species, over 50% of Panama Pacifico is tropical rainforest. As part of our commitment and respect to live in harmony with our natural surroundings, Panama Pacifico has an onsite park ranger that focuses on studying wildlife living in the area, as well as educating the community on best practices for harmonious living.
At Panama Pacifico Transportation Demand Management (TDM) principles underlie and guide every decision we make to ensure a robust and efficient transportation ecosystem. In addition to our newly built Transportation Hub, which will connect the future metro stop at Panama Pacifico’s entrance, Panama Pacifico implements Parking Management strategies and offers a Shared Bus Service for employees.
Medical Services
The residential community has an emergency ambulance service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service also includes attractive health plans provided by Panamedica Medical Center. The service includes transfer from Panama Pacifico to any hospital or clinic requested by the affiliate and/or the nearest or most accessible in Panama City.
Residential Services
Enjoy the exclusive benefits for our residents, that promote well-being and quality lifestyle.
Sports Park
Located in the Town Center, the Sports Park integrates courts, children's play areas, and exercise equipment in an open-air space offering covered seating areas for celebrations and social activities, as well as bathroom and dressing room facilities. We currently have an 800m long running track, two mini-soccer fields, two basketball courts, two tennis courts and one FIFA size soccer field.
Pacifico Life Center
The Pacifico Life Center is our residential concierge, which provides a wide range of services to community members ranging from important notices to upcoming events. Upon joining residents have access to practical information, exclusive benefits and are able to reserve common areas for social gatherings or events.
Commercial services
Let our commercial services be part of your work platform.
Law 41 of July 20, 2004 establishes the creation of a Center for Higher Education for the training of workers in the Special Economic Area of ​​Panama Pacifico. The main objective would be promoting and administering the necessary resources to fully satisfy the educational needs of the workers who provide services in the area, as well as for those who will enter the required workforce, so that educational assistance is provided in all technical and professional aspects in a comprehensive manner.

The Panama Pacifico Agency celebrates a Framework Agreement for Cooperation and Technical and Academic Professional Assistance with the National Institute of Professional Training and Human Development (INADEH), with the purpose of promoting institutional development through a strategic alliance for the generation, exchange and joint transfer of knowledge and technology.

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Panama Pacifico Conference Center

Comfortable and innovative meeting rooms and an auditorium located on the ground floor of Building 3845. Availability of logistical support for your events, organization of materials, catering and coffee breaks.

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Transportation Service for Employees and Residents
Since 2012, focused in the creation of a mobile city, the transportation service for residents and employees of companies located in the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area was implemented, where residents and visitors enjoy the connectivity between streets and avenues. This system generates benefits for the community, promoting efficiency in terms of energy consumption, ease of movement and parking spaces.
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International Business Park Automated Parking System

Initiative focused on reinforcing the safety of all our customers, users, collaborators and visitors, as well as guaranteeing the order and correct use of the parking lots.

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PanaMedica Medical Center, Primary Health Care Services
Private Health Center focused on promoting and maintaining the health of the residential and commercial communities of the Special Economic Area of Panama Pacifico and its surroundings. It has a wide range of facilities that provide a great advantage for both individuals and businesses.

PanaMedica is managed by Americas Healthcare Services, Inc. (AHS), an innovative healthcare company based in Southern California.

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Integrated Permit and Procedures System (SIT for its initials in Spanish)
The Integrated Permit and Procedures System is an Agency of the Panama Pacifico Area (APP), formed by Executive Decree 77 of June 1, 2006, which streamlines the completion of procedures by companies in the area. This system helps users carry out different procedures and receive different services in one place, without having to go through different government entities.
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Panama Pacifico Business Association (ADEDAPP for its initials in Spanish)
The ADEDAPP is the only business association of the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area. All the companies established and registered in Panama Pacifico, which accept its bylaws and regulations and pay the quotas, can be part of ADEDAPP.

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